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Universal “ASE 18” from Metabo: High cutting rate and long service life

New cordless sabre saws for all wood and metal jobs
Cordless and powerful: not only DIY enthusiasts, but also trades people, for whom mobility is of key importance, require cordless yet strong power tools – whether for carpentry, roofing or the heating, plumbing and air-conditioning trades; in interior finishing or building work. With a new sabre saw, Metabo is keeping up with the growing market for cordless products, and at the same time complementing its cordless saw range. Just as with all the other tools, ergonomics was a top priority when developing the “ASE 18”.
Comfortable handling with optimal power transmission to the saw blade is ensured thanks to the unique shape of the angled handle, the very practical “compact” design and convenient two-point switch. This means that the new cordless sabre saw can be used for continuous, effortless working even in particularly hard-to-reach places. A 25 mm adjustable depth stop limits the cutting length, and, according to Metabo, ensures economic use of the saw blade.

Endurance thanks to “air-cooled” battery packs
In addition to convenient handling, long operating times and short charging times are among the essential requirements for an efficient cordless tool. This innovative product from Nürtingen, Germany, has therefore been fitted with patented “air-cooled” charging technology. The air-cooling principle means that the battery is kept at an ideal constant charging temperature, and is thus guaranteed a long service life. What’s more, the battery pack – with either nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride technology – is available for use again in a relatively short time. In fact, total charging time can be reduced by up to 30%, saving precious working time.

Extraordinarily short saw times
When it comes to performance, the competition has nothing on this 18 V tool: per charge it can perform around 60 cuts when sawing 60 x 80 mm softwood at a stroke length of 24 mm. In a comparative test, this tool demonstrated extraordinarily short saw times when cutting hardwood (30 x 300 mm), softwood (100 x 120 mm) and metal.
Further selling points highlighted by Metabo are the “Quick System”, which enables the fast changing of blades without the need for tools, as well as numerous areas of use:

• tough cutting and sawing jobs
• cutting metal pipes to length
• cutting out door and window frames
• sawing all types of wood, which contain fixtures such as nails and screws
• cutting aerated concrete
• cutting installation bars, wire jumpers, cable ducts and aluminium shafts

The scope of delivery of the “ASE 18”, which is now available at specialist dealers, comprises an AC charger, two “air-cooled” battery packs with a 2.0 Ah NiCd or 3.0 Ah NiMH capacity, three sabre saw blades and a hexagonal socket wrench set.

Picture caption for “New cordless sabre saws for all wood and metal jobs”
Compact external design with powerful technology on the inside: the ergonomic design of the new cordless sabre saw “ASE 18” ensures a comfortable grip and optimal cutting performance in every position – whether for cutting out window frames, cutting metal pipes to length or sawing wood with or without fixtures such as nails or screws. The “Quick System” from Metabo means the blades can be changed without the need for tools, making for convenient handling. In addition, the patented “air-cooled” cordless charging technology guarantees a long service life and short charging times.
Photo: Metabo, Nürtingen

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Picture: ASE 18