About Metabo

75 YEARS Metabo

Accompany us on a short tour of Metabo's company history. We will show you the historical highlights of this small company in Nürtingen, Germany as it advanced to become a leading worldwide manufacturer of electric tools.

1924 - The Schnizler GmbH (was renamed to Metabo in 1932) was founded in the former "Sonnenbrauerei". Metabo pays homage to the founders Julius Closs, Walter Rauch and Albrecht Schnizler for their role in advancing the company to a worldwide brand.

1928 - The first bench drilling machines, hand sanders, braces, the first universal drill, sanding and polishing machines equipped with circular saws. The total product range consisted of 47 different machines.

1932 - The Metabo name was originally the product name for a metal rotary drill.

1934 - Development of the first electric hand drill, our model 750 for 6.5 mm, 1200 rev/min-1 , 120-watt powert .

1936 - The first geared chucks are manufactured.

1952 - Started manufacturing armature windings in rented
premises in Laichingen (in the Swabian mountains).

1953 - Built a machinery department for Transferstraßen for
the sanding and polishing in Steinachwiesen (Nürtingen).

1957 - The first hammer drill from Metabo. The first fiberglass reinforced separating and sanding discs

1959 - The Laichingen branch plant was built.

1966 - Development of the Metabo-S-automatic safety clutch.

1969 - The first hammer drill with electronic speed regulation.

1980 - Opening of the international dispatch and logistic center in Nürtingen.

1981 - The first 1000 watt hammer drill with electronic speed stabilisation.

1982 - Began production of grinding disks in West Chester, Pennsylvania (USA ).

1987 - The Metabo winding protection grid is introduced to the market. It stops foreign objects before they can influence the motor and the armature, thereby lengthening the useful service-life of the machine by five times.

1988 - Development of the Metabo Quick System for angle grinders. The system permits a tool-less quick disk change.

1990 - Development of the ICS 10, a 10 minute Super Fast Charger for battery packs.

1996 - Development of Impuls technology.
Development of Impuls technology. Impuls technology permits precise drilling and the removal of screws with damaged heads.

1997 - Development of the Paint Stripper LF 714 S. This worldwide unique tool enables the user to strip paint and lacquers from flat surfaces up to 70% faster.

1998 - Development of Contact technology.

1998 - Purchase of a 2/3 shareholding in Profi-Heimwerkermaschinen GmbH (PHM) in Grödig near Salzburg. With the brands EMCO, Knapp and LUREM, PHM is a market leader for stationary woodworking machines in Austria and France.

1999 - Metabo obtains a majority shareholding in Elektra Beckum AG in Meppen. With this takeover, the Metabo Group becomes number 1 in the market for woodworking machines in Europe and number 2 worldwide.


Albrecht Schnizler
Julius Closs
Walter Rauch